Smoke Damage, Lake County, FL

We are experts at “sniffing” out smoke damage wherever it may be hiding in your Lake County home or business and making it go away.

Smoke Damage in Lake County, Florida

Sometimes a fire is a small one that is contained to one area or room of your Lake County, Florida home or business. Other times it is more widespread. What is true in any case is that smoke damage can and does occur in a wider area than the fire itself. Smoke can permeate any porous surface, rendering many things irreparable. However, here at On-Deck Restoration LLC, we have experience dealing with smoke damage and can restore things that others might consider a lost cause.

We understand that the last thing you want to experience once you move back into your property is the constant reminder of what happened because you can still smell the smoke. We make sure that doesn’t happen by removing those items that would retain the odor regardless of any efforts to remove it. We have the necessary experience to know what can be refreshed and what cannot. We will always go over the plan with you, so you have say in what happens to those items that we cannot restore and give us the go-ahead to restore those we can.

Smoke damage isn’t just a problem with upholstery, clothing, and other belongings; smoke can also get into all the nooks and crannies of your property. It can’t hide from us, however, as we’ll seek it out and deal with it, so not even a whiff of smoke remains.

Contact us today if you have just experienced a fire or you are still dealing with smoke damage odors even after your previous restoration company helped you get back into your building or home. Our goal is to help you move past the disaster and enjoy being in your home or business property again. Call today to learn more.



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