Mold Removal, Central Florida

When it comes to mold removal, you want to know the job is done right the first time.

In recent years, the damage that mold can do to a building has become more and more known. It can affect the health of the people who live or work inside. It can actually do structural damage and encourage pest invasions, as well. How does mold start growing in your property? Mold needs warmth and moisture to thrive, and it can get started less than 24 hours after excess moisture is introduced to porous building materials like carpet and drywall.

Mold Removal in Central Florida

Here in Central Florida, mold removal is often needed after other storm damage occurs, but it can also be a result of a simple water leak from a plumbing line. It doesn’t take much water to create a problem that would require professional mold removal. When you call us here at On-Deck Restoration LLC to discuss your mold removal needs, we will act quickly to bring our core of well-trained technicians to your home or business and get the process started.

Professional and trustworthy restoration and
recovery assistance

If you do have any water damage to your property, it is essential that you act quickly. We can help by starting the water removal process any time of day or night. If your roof has been breached, we can tarp it to prevent more water from getting in. We even have tree removal service capability. We will take the time needed to thoroughly dry your home or business before starting the restoration process. Mold overgrowth can get started very quickly, so don’t delay. Give us a call here at On-Deck Restoration LLC today.





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