Mold Remediation, Central Florida

Our mold remediation services will not only remove all mold, but also prevent it from returning.

When mold enters your home, it can have a range of damaging effects. Not only will mold rot the structures of your home over time, leading to weak spots or even a complete collapse of your walls and floors, but it is also a serious health hazard. Mold has been proven to cause symptoms including congestion, sneezing, and coughing even to people in the peak of health; for vulnerable populations, including elders, young children, or those with existing respiratory problems, these symptoms can become life-threatening. In the event that you find mold in your home, it’s important to not only remove the mold but to get full mold remediation services–such as the ones we offer here at On-Deck Restoration LLC.

Mold Remediation in Central Florida

Mold remediation entails more than just removing the mold. When you enlist our mold remediation services, our team at On-Deck Restoration LLC will thoroughly investigate your home to find all the places mold is hiding and identify the cause of the mold growth, such as a broken seal or leaky pipe. We will remove all traces of mold and correct the underlying issue so that the mold does not come back to cause further problems down the line. The final step in our mold remediation process is to restore the sites of damage, so you can return to your normal routine and put all worries about mold out of your mind.

At On-Deck Restoration LLC, we are proud to serve the Central Florida area and will do everything necessary to completely restore your property to its full, mold-free glory. If you want the best in mold remediation services, give us a call today.

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