Carpet Mold, Central Florida

We can remove carpet mold and, in many cases, save your carpet.

When carpet gets wet and is not properly dried out, it can cause mold to grow in the carpet and on the carpet pad.  Some people do not worry too much about pulling the carpet up and drying it with fans because they think it will dry out on its own in a few days.  This can actually be very dangerous because mold can grow in carpet within 24 hours. That means mold will grow before the carpet even has a chance to dry, and you will be left with a moldy mess!

Carpet Mold in Central Florida

At On-Deck Restoration LLC, we know how important it is to get rid of carpet mold as quickly as possible. Scrubbing your carpet with a store brand carpet cleaner will simply not do the trick. The mold will grow back and cause many different problems. It will also make your carpet look and smell awful.  When you call us at On-Deck Restoration LLC, we have all the knowledge, skills, and training to safely and effectively remove carpet mold.  We will also clean out the carpet and completely dry it out before we tack it down to make sure the mold is gone for good. Your carpet will look and smell clean and fresh, and you will not have to worry about getting sick from being exposed to mold.

If you have a carpet mold problem in your Central Florida home or office, contact us today at On-Deck Restoration LLC to schedule mold removal services.  We will get to you quickly and take care of the problem for good.  All of our technicians are expertly trained with all of the latest mold removal and cleanup techniques and are highly qualified to get the job done.  We will have your carpet looking great again in no time!

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