Mold Removal, Plant City, FL

We don’t mess around! We handle your mold removal in an effective and efficient manner.

Finding mold in your Plant City, Florida home or business can be very frustrating. Even suspecting mold can make you anxious and concerned. There is cause for concern because there are many species of mold, and some of them can cause serious health problems. Here at On-Deck Restoration LLC, we utilize the most effective and efficient mold removal techniques to get rid of the mold in a safe manner and get your life back to normal.

Mold Removal in Plant City, Florida

While other mold removal companies might do a great job at removing the mold, some of them do not play an active role in resolving mold damage or finding the cause. We recognize that if the right conditions are present, mold removal without resolving those conditions is pointless. It only gives you temporary relief. We also understand that mold can easily damage the surface that it was on, so mold removal that doesn’t replace that surface isn’t restoring your home to its original condition for aesthetic and structural purposes.

Our full-service mold removal addresses every part of the project. We test your property to be sure we find all mold colonies, we look for the cause and resolve it, we remove the mold in a safe and effective manner, and then we restore any damaged surfaces. We also take the time to address your questions so you can have peace of mind that your mold removal project is proceeding as it should. Contact us today if you notice or suspect mold at your home or business, and we’ll get started by scheduling an appointment to check it out.

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