5 Reasons to Call Us for Fire Restoration

Dealing with a fire is a scary and terrible situation that no one wants to deal with. However, here at On-Deck Restoration LLC, we are proud to be a source of comfort and help when it is needed most. Whether your fire was large or small, we are the team to call to help with fire restoration.

we are the team to call to help with fire restoration

1.   Reliable experience and certifications– Our fire restoration technicians have a great deal of experience and are proficient in performing workmanship that meets the highest standards of fire damage restoration.

2.   Safety – We prioritize safety with continuous trainings in safety for all of our staff. We are properly insured, so you won’t be held liable for any injuries that could occur on your property.

3.   24/7 Emergency care – There is never a good time to deal with fire problems, but we know that our clients often need help outside of normal business hours. We are here to provide you with any emergency fire restoration services 24/7.

4.   Smoke damage cleanup – One difficult aspect of fire damage is effectively removing smoke damage from your home. Our skilled technicians have the training and experience needed to make sure we find anything that has been damaged from smoke so that you won’t have to come home to any scents acting as a reminder of the fire that damaged your home.

5.   Broad experience – We have specializations that can help with many instances. If your fire has anything to do with electrical problems, we have the experts needed to help with major electrical work along with our other restoration services.

Let us provide you the help you need by dealing with the hassle of restoring your home and even dealing with your insurance company. Call us at On-Deck Restoration LLC.