Even the Smallest Water Leak Can Cause Damage

You know those few drops of water that leak out the bottom of your dishwasher every time you run it? They’re nothing to take lightly. Even the smallest leak can cause damage over time or suddenly turn from a small water leak to a much larger one.

Even the Smallest Water Leak Can Cause Damage

You may think your leaky faucet or drippy pipe might not be worth your time, but it’s important to consider the long-term effects. If it’s constantly dripping into the same spot, it’s likely to cause the floors and cabinets to warp or even mold and mildew to build up over time.

Most likely, your small water leak is really trying to tell you that something much larger is wrong, so it’s important to listen to those leaky pipes. The last thing you want is to come home after running the dishwasher and find that the small, inconsequential leak finally broke into a burst pipe and a flooded home. If you have a water leak, it’s important to fix it early on, even if it doesn’t seem to be causing damage right away.

We’re open 24/7 here at On-Deck Restoration LLC, so you can call us at any time to repair any water leak of any size in your Central Florida home. Our expertly trained staff will identify what caused the leak in the first place and repair it, dry and clean up any water damage the leak might have caused, and restore anything that might have been damaged.