Here’s How We’ll Help You Get Back to Normal with Wind Damage Repair

Wind damage can be a real problem for many Florida homes, especially during the stormy months. Whether a tree was blown onto your roof or the shingles were torn out of place, it’s important to get your home repaired as quickly as possible. Our team at On-Deck Restoration LLC is ready to help you with any size of wind damage repair you may need.

Here’s How We’ll Help You Get Back to Normal with Wind Damage Repair

If strong winds knocked a tree through your window or roof, it’s important to get it covered back up to keep it safe from humidity and other weather conditions until our restoration team is able to get out to your home. Our team will get the tree removed and cover the hole professionally with tarp or board it up, so you can be at peace with your home.

Our team is also professionally trained to handle all aspects of wind damage repair from water removal to reconstruction services. We’re partnered with local contractors, so we can get your home back to shape and stabilized before the next storm. Here are the services we can provide:

  • Water removal and drying
  • Tarping your roof or property to block out the elements
  • Tree removal
  • Boarding up broken windows and entryways
  • Stabilization
  • Reconstruction

Note that certain aspects of wind damage repair like tarping the roof or boarding up windows are only temporary fixes until we are able to fully restore your home, so we can get you and your home back to normal as soon as possible.