How to Know if You Have Carpet Mold

Whether it’s from humidity or the result of a water intrusion, excess moisture can lead to mold growing on all sorts of surfaces. This mold may start small, but it can grow and lead to further problems with your home and its air quality. However, mold problems are not always east to detect. Carpet mold for example, may go unnoticed for a long time unless you know what to look for. Here are a few tips to determine whether or not you have carpet mold:

  • Circular stains: One signal that you have problems with mold or mildew in your carpet is when you find circular stains, often brown, green or black in color.
  • Musty smells: If you notice musty or sour smells coming from your carpet, it may not be spilled milk. If these smells seem to come from nowhere, you may be dealing with carpet mold. Be careful to not put your nose closer than 2 inches from the carpet, as the spores from your carpet mold can be hazardous to your health when inhaled.

solutions for carpet mold

  • Moisture in carpet: If you find moisture in your carpet, especially if it corresponds with stains or musty smells, that is a very strong indication that mold exists.
  • Mold spots underneath carpet or on the carpet pad: If you are fairly certain that you have carpet mold, you can carefully pull up the carpet from an edge closest to the area where you suspect the mold exists. You will likely find mold on the bottom side of the carpet or on the pad beneath.

If you believe you have a problem with carpet mold, you can turn to us at On-Deck Restoration LLC. We look forward to providing you with solutions for carpet mold or any other restoration services you may need.