Seeing Spots: How to Tell if It’s Black Mold

Are you seeing spots pop up in your home? Mold can come in various appearances and colors. While no mold is a welcome house guest, black mold is one toxic mold that you really want to look out for and get professionally removed right away. Here are some signs those spots in your home could be black mold.

Seeing Spots: How to Tell if It’s Black Mold

  • Black or Dark Gray. As you might guess from the name, black mold is black or dark gray in color compared to the fuzzy green, blue, or brown shades of other molds.
  • Grows in clusters. Black mold starts out as scattered dark speckles on drywall or ceiling tiles that grow into clusters and spread up the wall or across the ceiling.
  • Smells musty. The area that has mold growing will likely smell wet and musty, as if the area never really dried properly.

There are also a couple of indicators you might find in yourself or household members, such as a burning or scratching feeling in your throat or lungs, especially when you’re in the contaminated area. Other symptoms from black mold might include headaches, memory loss, nosebleeds, aching, and mood swings.

If you have had recent water damage or water leaks in your home, it is likely that mold is growing. The most common places to check for black mold are attics, laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, water heater closets, and garages. Black mold can also grow on carpet, upholstery, and paint.

If you think you might have black mold in your Central Florida home, call us at On-Deck Restoration LLC today.