Water Damage 101: Things That Can & Can’t Be Saved

Think about the last time you accidentally dropped a book in a bathtub while you were reading or spilled a cup of coffee onto some papers at work. What happens to the paper? It immediately starts to warp, shrink, wrinkle and tear due to the damage of the water. Water damage is a serious problem because even a little bit of water can cause serious problems when it comes to your home or business. If you have recently had a flood and are wondering if anything can be saved from the water damage, here are a few things that can and can’t be saved from water damages.

Water damage is a serious problem

First, let’s look at some items that can be saved. Unfortunately, this part of the list is not very long. If you have solid wood furniture that wasn’t left in standing water for too long, this can occasionally be dried and refinished if needs be. Some rugs can be washed or cleaned and restored. With the help of professionals, you may even be able to have a few personal items like books or pictures restored.

Now let’s take a look at the much lengthier list of things that almost always must be tossed after water damage. Most things that touch the ground need to be tossed after flooding. This means carpeting, hardwoods, furniture, upholstery, cushions, drywall, insulation, wiring and so much more. When it comes to water damage, the answer to “Should we keep this?” is almost always a solid “No.”

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