Wet Carpet Cleanup, Central Florida

We can handle wet carpet cleanup for you to keep mold away for good.

Wet Carpet Cleanup in Central Florida

When a flood or water leak soaks your carpet, it can be very hard to soak up all the water and dry the carpet out.  Some people think it is okay to let the carpet dry on its own or that small fans will dry it out.  This is not the case.  Especially with the humidity we experience in Central Florida, it can sometimes be downright impossible to dry the carpet out before mold begins to grow, and once mold starts to grow, you are really in a tough spot.  Mold is hard to get rid of and can even make you and your family sick.  If black mold grows, it can be toxic and can cause many different health problems.

When your carpet gets wet, and especially if it gets soaked through, contact us at On-Deck Restoration LLC for wet carpet cleanup. Wet carpet cleanup services include more than just bringing in high powered fans to dry the carpet out.  We have equipment that will soak up the dirty water and remove most of it from the carpet.  We will also make sure that water is removed from the carpet pad and the floor below the carpet to prevent mold growth from occurring.  We will also clean the carpet so it is safe and free from any mold or toxins.  We will also make sure it smells clean and fresh because wet carpet can really stink, even after it has dried.  We will then make sure the carpet and pad are completely dry before we re-stretch and re-lay the carpet.  We are so good at wet carpet cleanup that you won’t even be able to tell there was a flood at all!

If you need help with wet carpet cleanup in your Central Florida home, contact us today at On-Deck Restoration LLC.  We will have the carpet dried, cleaned, and restored in no time.

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