Wet Carpet Cleanup, Lake County, FL

Count on us for proper wet carpet cleanup.

There isn’t one set way to deal with water when it has entered your Lake County, Florida home and is now sitting and seeping into different flooring materials. That is why at On-Deck Restoration LLC, we employ different methods based on the latest industry advancements to restore each type appropriately. One flooring surface that often gets handled incorrectly is carpeting.

Wet Carpet Cleanup in Lake County, FL

Wet carpet cleanup involves more than vacuuming up what water you can and hoping the carpet and materials below it will dry eventually. Improper execution during wet carpet cleanup will result in mold under the carpet and perhaps even rotted underlayment. You may not even realize these issues are going on until the mold works its way back up through the carpet or the floor gives way one day, so be sure you work with our experienced and trustworthy team to avoid a potential problem. If you have had someone else take care of your wet carpet cleanup or you didn’t get it taken care of early enough and you are now facing mold, you can also call us as we handle carpet mold removal, too.

Our qualified and well-trained core group of technicians attends training seminars regularly, so they can always provide the best possible solution for the task at hand. We expect them to uphold our highest standards for effective water and fire disaster restoration and we give them the tools and support they need to get the job done properly. If you have any questions about wet carpet cleanup, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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