Water Damage, Clermont, FL

We specialize in water damage restoration and work hard to get your Clermont property back to its original shape as quickly as possible.

When disaster strikes, you most likely want to work with professionals who know how to fix the problem quickly. Water damage from storms, leaks, sewer line backups, or floods can lead to serious problems for your home or business down the road. At On-Deck Restoration LLC, we deal with water damage concerns quickly and ensure that your property is dry and safe before we leave. We specialize in water damage restoration, and we work hard to get your Clermont, Florida property back to its original shape as quickly as possible.

Water Damage in Clermont, Florida

It’s true that you have choices when it comes to picking a water damage restoration company in the Clermont area; however, you can count on us at to offer you fast response times, affordable prices, and work you can rely on. When water damages your home or business, mold is a serious concern. If your property isn’t dried out properly, small spores of mold can grow and spread rapidly, ruining your home or business and potentially your health before the problem is noticed. At On-Deck Restoration, we make sure that your property and belongings are completely dry before we are done with our job.

Water Leaks vs. Black Water

Understanding the differences involved with different types of water damage is important on a couple of levels. The first is how the type of water involved affects the cleanup and restoration process. The second is how the water damage is classified for insurance claim purposes. At On-Deck Restoration LLC, our water damage services start with a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your Clermont, Florida home and a discussion of what comes next.

  • Water Leaks – Water damage from leaks of the incoming water supply lines are usually covered by homeowners’ insurance because this is a “clean” water clean-up. A burst pipe or failed line to an appliance fall into this classification. Water damage is generally limited to flooring, furnishings, and potentially wall or ceiling damage, depending on the location of the leak and how long the water flowed before it could be shut off.
  • Black Water – Black water is any water that has come in contact with the ground before coming into your home. This could be sewer or septic backflow or flooding due to draining issues, severe weather, or a ruptured drain pipe. The water damage from this type of occurrence is more involved to resolve, as bacteria and other contaminants are present. This type of water damage is usually not covered by standard homeowner coverage. A flood insurance policy will need to be in place before the water damage occurs.

We are equipped to handle both types of water damage, including water removal, water damage repair, and restoration. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your water damage and to get going on resolving it promptly so that mold doesn’t grow and exacerbate the problem.


Our training and experience dealing with water damage helps us successfully achieve your goals, and we have the tools and equipment needed to ensure that your home or business is protected now and in the future. We are always careful with your home or business and your belongings after water damage. We also know that these situations can be emotional, inconvenient times, and we do our best to get in, do our job, and let you get back to your life with as little fuss as possible.

When you have water damage in Clermont, call us at On-Deck Restoration, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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